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F.A.Q. – Real Estate

Blake King – Realtor® Red Deer is happy to answer any questions anytime? Call or email him at (403) 350-7672 or hello@blakeking.ca. Skim through these frequently asked questions below or enter details on the right if you have specific questions.

1. If each real estate market is local, & I live in Red Deer, how can I see local real estate news information? I need statistics and market details to make the most informed decision.

Check in at www.HomeScope.ca, Red Deer and Central Alberta’s real estate news and information website.

2. What is the first step when preparing to buy a home?

Everyone usually starts by looking at properties online and in publications. That’s ok, but to determine when you’re ready to buy and the price range you can search, it’s important to begin by speaking with a mortgage professional.

For a list of qualified and experienced real estate mortgage professionals to email me at hello@blakeking.ca

3. How much do I need as a down payment to buy a home in 2017?

In most cases a person looking to buy a home in Alberta requires a down payment of 5%. Since the new mortgage rules came out in October 2016 there has been some confusion and incorrect information shared. Contact me anytime to learn more about real estate down payment requirements hello@blakekingc.ca (403) 350-7672.

4. From the time I start the step to buying my home how quick can I move in?

The search for the right home can be time consuming, but if you’re prequalified, you could move in to your new home in as quick as 2 weeks – and I can show you how, contact Blake King with Century 21 Advantage.

5. Can I sell my home on my own?

A person can sell their home on their own, but remember to do as many things as possible to maximize your sale price. Be sure to advertise your property in as many places as you can. The more exposure you get the more potential buyers you’ll find. There are many more variables that will help you sell on your own and I’m happy to advise sellers if they’d like help.

“There are thousands of agents trying to sell your house when it’s on the MLS, but when you do it alone, only one person is trying to sell your house” – Denise Briez

Feel free to call or email anytime for free, no obligation help www.BlakeKing.ca.